Soft 4 Matat, Eastern Cape Toilet Paper Manufacturer, Triumphs at South African Small Business Awards

In a significant achievement, Soft 4 Matat, a toilet paper production company based in Cedarville under the Matatiele Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province, has emerged victorious at the South African Small Business Awards. The company stood out among 100 competitors at the awards ceremony held on November 16th of this year.

Buntu Mfene, the company’s director, shared that their journey to the awards began with an invitation from the National Business Chamber, stemming from their participation in a Business Expo organized by the National Small Business Chamber. Out of a hundred small companies invited, Soft 4 Matat excelled through a rigorous judging process conducted by an independent panel of judges from various countries.

Mfene highlighted the factors that contributed to their success, including the smooth operation of the company, compliance, and exceptional brand awareness. Notably, their toilet paper product was acclaimed for its superior quality.

Soft 4 Matat originated as a co-op led by Mfene and his wife in 2021, initially funded by the Department of Social Development. However, internal conflicts led to the demise of the co-op. After community encouragement, Mfene revived the business, securing funding from the Department of Economic Development. The company invested in machinery and raw materials, commencing operations after attending business training organized by the municipality.

The award has not only brought recognition but also opened doors to new opportunities. Mfene mentioned that they are now approached by businesses outside Matatiele interested in collaboration. Expressing gratitude to the local community for their unwavering support, Mfene envisions expanding Soft 4 Matat by opening branches in different parts of South Africa.


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