There are indications that the company employed by the Eastern Cape Department of Transport to construct the road from Matatiele to Maluti is failing to complete the task and is now running away. On Wednesday we received reports that Klus Civils is selling some of the machines allocated to construct this road  to other companies but it was not clear whether it is klus or workers who are conducting the sale.

On Thursday morning these reports were confirmed, as one of their graders which were stationed at Dorning Crushers was forcefully taken by a person who claimed to have bought the grader from Klus Civils. After rumours of Klus Civils selling their machines  Dorning Crushers base in Matatiele instructed that the grader must not be allowed to go out of their plant as they are also owed some money by the construction company.

Director of Dorning Crushers, Dustin Dorning told The Informer that there was a big fight in front of their plant’s gate in Matatiele during early morning of Thursday. “A guy who claimed to have bought the grader forcefully entered the plant driving a big truck to load the grader. This guy could not listen to the explanation that we are owed money by this company so we cannot release the grader. He threw insults at us, calling us racist to an extent that we came to a conclusion it does not worth the money and we released it”, said Dorning.   Dorning claimed they are owed an amount of R375000.00 by Klus Civils for the material delivered to them for the construction.

On Monday the Informer broadcasted a story of Klus Civils workers who decided to close the gate of the company offices base in Maluti. One of the workers Luzeka Thandeka narrated a sad story where workers could go for months without being paid. “We are now forced to close this gate because we want the company to pay us salaries for the month of March.  The workers have since stopped working and the leaders of the company are nowhere to be found. Attempts to get their side of the story have failed as their phones are not responded to.

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