Kokstad Mayor describe court battle as racial bias

Greater Kokstad Municipality Mayor Councillor Lwanda  Madikizela, described the court  battle between his municipality and the Kokstad Rate Payers Association as  racial bias. Cllr Madikizela said this in The Informer Digital TV Podcast. The Municipality was taken to court by the Rate Payers Association after they disagreement about the high cost of property rates in 2017.

I know that the prior service provider who evaluated our properties was white and he recommended reduced rate costs. We hired a black one and were labelled as unprofessional.. To resolve the ensuing tension we resolved to get out of court,  engage Rate Payers directly to reach a satisfactory solution.

Cllr Madikizela also highlighted the increasing issue of vagrancy in downtown Kokstad, acknowledging concerns that it could adversely affect local commerce. In response, the municipality, in conjunction with Social Development, law enforcement, and community representatives, is working on strategies to address and assist vagrants out of the town center. This initiative includes the training of ten young adults to serve as Crime Wardens, augmenting the efforts against rising local crime rates.

In terms of economic development and investment, Cllr Madikizela revealed substantial upcoming projects promising to vitalize Kokstad’s economy. These include the construction of a new High Court, which is expected to catalyze business opportunities, and the development of a government precinct to centralize services for residents’ convenience. Furthermore, Kokstad is set to pioneer a Solar Farm project, enhancing sustainable energy solutions for the town.

Additionally, to resolve energy supply concerns, Cllr Madikizela announced the construction of a R128 million substation, projected to minimize power-related complaints significantly.

A separate matter raised by Cllr Madikizela involves the increasing movement of people from the Eastern Cape to Kokstad’s hospital facilities, which has placed unforeseen strain on local services and budgeting. To address this interstate challenge, Mayor Madikizela is coordinating a cross-border meeting with the Eastern Cape MEC of Health to discuss solutions and understanding between provinces.

Community members can look forward to direct insight from Cllr Madikizela during a live session of PODCAST scheduled for Tuesday, 30th of January, on the YouTube channel “The Informer Newspaper,” providing an opportunity for engagement and discourse on the mentioned issues and developments


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