Matatiele: crime suspect killed by a mob

A 19 year old boy died and three injured after they were attacked allegedly by a group of community members of Ward 10 in Caba location, Matatiele in the Eastern Cape. Maluti Police have confirmed that they are investigating a case of murder and attempted as per these allegations. The death of this boy happens at a time when the same police officers are already occupied with another investigation of murder where a foreign national was burnt to death while asleep inside his shop two weeks ago.

In an interview, a member of the community described the crime situation in the area as rampant. He said many people are murdered, individual belongings are stolen through house breaking and stock theft is alarming “All these crimes committed are reported to the police but they are doing nothing. We are not protected,” the community member said.

The Informer talked to a number of people in the area who all shared the same view about the incompetence of the police and the high rate of crime in the area. Some even threatened to take the law upon their hands. There are also allegations that members of the community have been conniving in private about the failure of police to deal with crime in the area.

On the day of the killing, community members embarked on a door to door stolen goods recovery campaign led by the suspects, many of the goods were recovered from different households and returned to their rightful owners. Allegations are that during the search period the suspects were beaten by sticks and sjamboks.

Meanwhile, police have arrested five suspects in relation with the murder of a 24 year old foreign national, Deneker Erimias. Erimias’ shop was set alight by group of unknown men at midnight and his body was burnt beyond recognition at Caba location two weeks ago.

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