Matatiele Municipality Responds to Allegations of Lake Mess, Accuses Tourists of Spreading False Claims”

The Matatiele Local Municipality has vehemently denied accusations that their workers left the lake in a state of disarray. These allegations were made by Philip Rollin and Saakkie Maartens, members of the Matatiele Tourism Forum.

Luncedo Walaza, the spokesperson for the Matatiele Local Municipality, issued a stern response, expressing his dismay at the claims. According to Walaza, the accusations do not hold water. He clarified that workers from the municipality’s Department responsible for the environment had been present at the venue and diligently cleaned the area after the scheduled activity.

The spokesperson went on to shed light on the sequence of events, stating that the issue arose when Mr. Rollin and his group of tourists arrived while the workers were still engaged in their municipal activity. In a surprising turn of events, Rollin and his party were seen taking photographs of the dirt and subsequently departed from the area. Walaza pointed out that Mr. Roland did not witness the location after the workers had completed their cleanup, and yet, the images were shared on social media, creating an undeserved negative perception of the workers.

Furthermore, Walaza emphasized that the environmental department had been fully prepared and committed to cleaning the area after the scheduled activity, in accordance with their prior arrangement. Therefore, the claims of negligence on the part of the workers were unsubstantiated, as the municipality had fulfilled its responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the lake area.

Despite the Matatiele Municipality’s assertion that the lake was left clean, Philip Roland remains resolute in his belief that the area was in a state of disarray upon their arrival. Rollin, a member of the Matatiele Tourism Forum, described a scene of litter including papers, plastics, and other debris scattered around the water’s edge.

He recounted their arrival, stating that they observed workers in the process of dismantling tents and packing up various items. However, according to Roland, the absence of bins and a lack of visible efforts to pick up the scattered rubbish amidst the grass and rocks raised concerns. As a popular tourist destination, Rollin expressed his disappointment, stressing the importance of placing rubbish bins and enforcing anti-littering measures during events at the lake.

In addition to the condition of the lake area, Rollin also drew attention to the litter along the road leading to the lake. To underscore the severity of the issue, he revealed that he had received a message from D.A. Cllr Wonga Potwana, who had spoken with the event organizer about an impending cleanup effort today. According to Cllr Potwana the event organizer was saying the workers are on their way to clean up today (Saturday)

Rollin emphasized the importance of speaking out against litter and stressed the need for immediate action to maintain the area’s cleanliness. He noted that, during his visit, he did not witness anyone actively engaged in the task of picking up litter. The ongoing dispute raises questions about the responsibilities of event organizers and local authorities in preserving the natural beauty of this cherished tourist destination.


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