The Department of Health in Pretoria has noted with concern old fake news about Covid-19
Omicron XXB variant circulating on social media platforms advising people to wear face masks
because of an alleged deadly and not easy to detect variant.

Minister of Health Spokesperson says this is said to be a misleading message which first
resurfaced during the peak of the pandemic without a traceable source. Department of Health
urge members of the public to be vigilant and ignores this malicious social media content whose
intent is to cause unnecessary panic and confusion, especially as the country is entering
influenza season.

Spokesperson of National Department of Health, Foster Mohale says, “The fact of the matter is
COVID-19 remains circulating at relatively low levels around the country just like in other parts
of the world. Thus, there is no need for public to panic because many people have developed
some level of immunity from both vaccine and infections. The current strain or variant in
circulation is less severe and less transmissible”.

People should take protective measures in their daily lives, including non-pharmaceutical
interventions including hand hygiene, will help to prevent the spread of other respiratory
infections including influenza. The department of Health will keep the public abreast as and
when there is a surge in cases of illness caused by any virus of concern or outbreak of any

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