First it was ben 10’s now the blesser ditches off sugar daddy

Men are always put to the test when it comes to relationship and it is often about what they can bring to the relationship. A study conducted based on a blesser blessee relationship has shown that women do not only get into relationships to stretch their hands to accept gifts but also getting education can empower women to be independent.

Nomazulu Singata, a Master of Arts in Ethics graduate with University of KwaZulu Natal recently conducted a research on blesser blessee relationship and discovered that young girls in tertiary prefer blesser relationship over sugar daddy due to benefits that come with it. The blessers are said to edge the sugar daddy due to political power, and that they go for young girls not just for sex but also look for companionship.

The research also looked at the psyche of a blessee who does not see herself as a passive participant in the relationship. One of the things a blessee must guard against is power dynamics such as gender inequality. Most blesses are university students who look for benefits of job opportunities, money and most look for high popularity lifestyle. One of graduates we spoke with on basis of anonymity says she would have a blesser “for there are opportunities that come with it” she said. “There are many needs that come with being a student and if a blesser can help with rent, food and funding a fancy life style that one dreams off then I don’t see why not.

You get into a relationship for different reasons and if one comes with benefits I don’t see why not”. Singata points out in her research that a blesser blessee relationship can make or break the blessee. Access to education can definitely make blessee’s life better through empowerment but the power dynamics can have blessee’s yielding for a situation ship where she stays in a relationship even when the turf is no longer favorable. Challenges like gender Based violence, safe sex can put the life of a blessee in danger. A blessee is not always a university student. Sometimes she is educated, working and have some goals she is chasing in her life.

But it is the dynamics of power that sometimes determine who has influence in the relationship. Positive parenting which includes getting parents involved in the child’s life can help and must be encouraged.

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