Former ECR morning drive show host details why she left the show

Former East Coast Radio host Keri Miller has taken to Instagram to set the record straight on why she left the radio station. Miller hosted the morning drive show with Darren Maule and Sky Tshabalala.

Miller said she and Maule had differing views on Covid-19 and this led to them seeing a couples therapist to help assist with communication. She said she went from feeling part of the boys’ club to feeling bullied and bothered by the comments and it was harder to overlook the sexual innuendos on the show.

“I felt bullied, I have to say that. I felt very bullied. I felt victimised. I felt picked on. I felt not heard…“For the first time, work began to feel like work,” Miller said.

 This year, Miller informed the station’s management of her struggles with Maule

“It was suggested that me, him and Sky sort it out, with Sky almost being asked to be a mediator. I just said on that day that I don’t think it’s appropriate for Sky to mediate for us. It’s not him. Sky’s not a fighter. Anyway, that day I got suspended for insubordination because I didn’t stay,” Miller said.

According to Miller, she sought legal advice and ECR hired an external investigator who told her it was Maule’s show and her contract was terminated.

Responding to Miller’s video, ECR said it had “always engaged Keri Miller supportively (by her own version in her broadcast), and tried repeatedly to part ways with her respectfully and amicably”.

“Whilst we acknowledge that this has been an emotional journey for her, we differ on many points of ‘fact’ as alleged in her statement, and the context around her contract termination. What we agree on is that there was a breakdown in the on-air and off-air relationship with her co-host, and the station provided extensive interventions for many years in an attempt to work around and through these interpersonal issues,” ECR said.


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