Another state enterprise fails to pay its workers

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) is dismayed to learn that workers at Autopax have experienced delays in their salary payments again. According to NUMSA, on the 26th of May Autopax management sent a communication to employees informing them that their salaries would be delayed, but the letter did not state when salaries would be paid. Workers usually receive payment on the 27th of every month but to date, no payment has been received.

The union alleges that this is not a first-time incident

“This is unfortunately not the first time that workers’ salaries have been delayed.  We have communicated with management on this issue because they owe it to employees to give reasons for the delay. Furthermore, employees are still expected to show up for work every day and on time. If they fail to do so they are threatened with discipline.

“This is unfair because they cannot be expected to go to work when they have not received payments of their salaries. How are they expected to pay for fuel for transportation? They are unable to pay their children’s school fees or provide for their family’s needs.  We demand an explanation from the management of Autopax.

Autopax is owned by PRASA. The financial woes at the state enterprises are alarming as SAA, Eskom, Denel and others are also on the same boat of operations. NUMSA said the issues face by state entities is a result of the governing party

”The ANC government has actively destroyed our SOE’s through corruption, mismanagement and looting, at the same time; they have poisoned the public’s mind against state intervention in the economy because they have brought SOE’s to the point of collapse. They have blindly pursued failed neo-liberal macro-economic policies which are attacking the working class and the poor daily. They are shamelessly serving the interests of White Monopoly Capital” said the union.

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