A blesser fingered in the murder the triple murder of three young women in Khayelitsha

A Khayelitsha community knows who’s behind triple femicide in the TT Block informal settlement.

That’s according to the Site B community policing forum.

Three young women, aged 17, 20 and 21, were shot in the head at around 8pm on Monday night.

The community policing forum’s Nozuko Mdingi said that the young women had been at a tavern before the attack.

“The girls were celebrating because they finished writing grade 12 exams. Apparently, they did that every year after they finished writing, so they went to the smokkel huis.”

She said that they met a man there who bought them alcohol.

“The blesser kept buying them alcohol and later pretended that he was totally drunk. So they ran as they were finished drinking and as they were running, the blesser followed them and approached one as maybe he was planning on sleeping with her.”

Mdingi explains what’s believed to have happened next.

“When he approached the girl, he took the firearm out and began to shoot.”

Police have prioritized the investigation, but there’ve been no arrests yet.

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