ACDP to march against forced vaccination

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) says a general law to mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in South Africa would be an infringement of human rights.

The ACDP is planning a march to the Constitutional Court next week to take a stand against compulsory vaccinations.

The party’s Nelson Mandela Bay Councillor, Lance Grootboom, says no one should lose their job for refusing the jab.

“The government can’t make legislation to force people for mandatory vaccination. We are not saying that is the case, but you can hear the talk about policy development in the workplace, restaurants, airports and schools” he said.

“They are taking the right away from the people. That is what we are against not the vaccines. The choice must be with the people” added Grootboom.

The party which launched its manifesto for the upcoming Local Government Elections on Saturday states that informed consent relates to a person’s right to bodily integrity and autonomy.

They further state that every person has a right to a choice and to say NO, and therefore must be provided with full and accurate information on the Covid vaccines including their proven long term safety and efficacy profile.

The ACDP is also committed to full public transparency and accountability and have called for all Adverse Events Reporting Systems and any and all side effects after receiving the vaccine to be made public.

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