ANC SG Fikile Mbalula welcomes 50 expelled EFF members

The African National Congress Secretary General Fikile Mbalula has welcomed more than 50 expelled EFF members back into the party ahead of elections next year. The former members of the EFF were expelled after they failed to organise transport for supporters to the party’s 10th anniversary rally.

ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula addressed a community gathering in Merafong on Sunday.

“We also have a significant number of members of the EFF, led by members who were councillors of the EFF, who were actually dismissed from their party for all the reasons which were made public and they had a choice to go anywhere else but they decided to come back home.”

Prior to the shirt-swapping ceremony at the Wadela community hall on the West Rand.

Former EFF PR councillor in the Merafong municipality and now ANC member, Sarah Khan, said that the T-shirts were used for a symbolic gesture.

“The issue of the T-shirt… it was just a symbol to show that we are leaving a party that has long oppressed us as women. As for myself, I have been the chief whip of the EFF but as the chief whip of the EFF, I have never felt that warmth. I am not saying the president of the EFF should have given me all the attention… the secretary of the region was abusing us but the president did nothing.”

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