Court grants Home Affairs interdict order

Funeral parlours forbidden from intimidating home affairs staff

The Department of Home Affairs has succeeded in securing a court interdict against funeral undertakers from intimidating home affairs staff across the country.  The order was issued after funeral parlours under the banner of the Unification Task Team requested the department to amend regulations to allow them the right to remove bodies from mortuaries, hospitals and forensic laboratories for burial.

On Tuesday, the members of the unification task team protested at the head office in Pretoria causing chaos. Department’s spokesperson Siya Qoza said that the interdict formed part of its contingency plan to ensure that people who needed Home Affairs services were not inconvenienced.

“We went the interdict route because when we became aware of their plan to engage in protest action, we then put a plan in place to ensure that services at our offices are not disrupted and people coming to our offices are not inconvenienced. The department continues to have regular lines of communication with the United Unification Task team.”


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