Curtain to finally close for murder accused, Boitumelo Khitleli

26-year-old murder accused Boitumelo Khitleli is set to make a return at the Maluti Regional Court on Friday. Khitleli is expected to plead guilty to all three charges; murder attempted murder and theft. The incident took place in October last year in Maluti, Eastern Cape.

According to Lebo Ntoni, a friend of the deceased, before the day of the fateful incident, Mpharwane had asked her to sleep at her house because she was afraid of Khitleli” Mpharwane had asked me to sleep over her house because she was not comfortable sleeping alone after the horrific events that unfolded during the day in town…
“The following morning, Mpharwane drove me to my house for me to change to my work uniform. While I was getting dressed, my two children came running and shouting that Mpharwane was being attacked…

“When I ran to check what was going on, I saw Khitleli on top of Mpharwane with a lethal weapon, I ran towards to stop him; however I was stunned with the sight of Mpharwane’s lifeless body covered with blood. Khitleli then came towards me and attacked me, stabbing me in the head, after that I remember waking up in an ambulance and pointing at Mpharwane’s car that had plunged into a ditch.”

Khitleli was apprehended by the police hours later for the murder of Makumane

A day before Mpharwane was brutally murdered; she had gone to the Maluti police station to ask the police to reinforce protection order against her abusive boyfriend. On that same day, Mpharwane discovered that the protection order she had filed against her boyfriend had not been served.

Mpharwane was also told that the police station is not a resting place, this is after she asked that she be accommodated because she feared for her life. A police officer was placed on a one-month suspension without pay after a disciplinary hearing.

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