The release of Zamokuhle Junior Secondary School principal Thabo Bilibana by the Maluti court without being charged for allegations that he was arrested for has left residents, learners and even the staff confused and frustrated. They are asking questions whether these are the attempts by authorities to sweep the matter under carpet or there is a plot against Bilibana.

A statement from the Eastern Cape police spokesperson, Brigadier Thembinkosi Kinana, sent to the informer said, the teacher of Zamokuhle Junior Secondary school was arrested after a learner accused him of Sexual Harassment.

“The arrest happened after a learner overdosed herself with her mother’s medication which resulted to her rushed to hospital. The statement continued by saying that, when the doctor asked the learner why did she decide to overdose herself, the learner told the doctor that she was stressed by something that was happening since September 2021.

According to reports she was allegedly sexually assaulted by a 51 year old teacher who used to call her to his office. On learning about this the father of the learner opened a case at Maluti Police Station. The teacher appeared before the magistrate court of Maluti and was subsequently released”, the police statement said.

The Informer tried to find out the reasons for the docket not be enrolled in court, with the head of the Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offence Services (FCS), Mvango saying they don’t know the reason for the non enrolment of the docket. Mvango did not want to comment further because they are not allowed to speak to the media. Even the parents of the learner are unaware that the principal has been released.

Meanwhile the School Governing Body has also discussed Bilibana’s matter in a meeting and a decision to recommend to the Department of Education to suspend him was taken by voting through the show of hands.

On the other hand the learners father was interviewed by the leader of one of the NGO’s in Matatiele and he confirmed that, Sexual harassment allegations against the principal were reported to the department of education last year but they were not attended to.

A source in the department of education has confirmed the fathers ‘s report. The source told The informer that the victim  and her parents reported to the Department of Education that the Principal of Zamokuhle JSS has been sexually harassing the learner  in his office and stalking her  outside school premises since September 2021 . The source said the matter was attended by intern Social Worker at the Department in Maluti  last year October 2021

The Intern apparently didn’t escalate this case to her supervisor or Professional Social worker until the child attempted suicide last week, when she accused the Principal had  continued harassing and stalking the learner .  She was taken to Hospital where a Social Workers were able to open the case of sexual harassment after counselling the her.


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